Niels Winther-Sørensen

Niels Winther-Sørensen is one of Denmark’s sharpest tax minds with extensive experience in how to resolve the most difficult and most complex tax issues.

Over the years, Niels has successfully conducted a number of leading tax cases vis-à-vis the tax authorities, often representing the largest companies and foundations in- and outside Denmark. Niels also has extensive experience as tax adviser for companies, foundations and private individuals.

Niels has acted as professor of tax law at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and holds a Doctor of Laws degree from Aarhus University. In the 2008-2018 period, Niels was co-owner of and partner in two of the world’s largest audit and consultancy firms: first Ernst & Young (EY) and later on PwC. Furthermore, Niels has been chairman of the National Assessment Council as well as member of various expert committees set up by the Danish Minister for Taxation. These positions have given Niels an outstanding network and unique insight into the tax authorities’ work at strategic level.


Niels is currently chairman of the Danish Tax Law Council (Skattelovrådet) set up by the Danish Minister for Taxation, and an expert member of the reference group for the Minister’s Business Taxation Council (Erhvervsbeskatningsudvalget).


Niels has published an extensive number of articles on Danish and international tax law issues, most recently “EU-Domstolens domme i beneficial owner-sagerne(The European Court of Justice’s judgments in the cases concerning beneficial owners), SR-Skat 2019, 174.


Niels Winther-Sørensen may be contacted at
+45 2483 8083